Does coworker like me or just leading me on?

So, we've been working together for 6 months now. We're both in our 20s, so it's not a serious job. He started almost immediately after I was hired with the teasing, then added in small compliments over a couple months. He had a girlfriend, so I didn't think he was serious. Then a month ago, he broke up with her, and I acknowledged to myself I had a crush on him.

He continued the compliments and teasing, but would get me alone more often, then started quietly helping me out around the job without me having to ask him, making small talk about my interests, etc. When I finally started flirting back, I'd notice he'd smile and turn red and give me "smile eyes".

The past week he's been making comments like, "You're so sassy lately, [X]!" or "I'm really a fan of this new feisty [X] I've been seeing lately!" Last night though he randomly started flirting hard with some of the girls we work w/ in front of me, and I got jealous but tried to play it off. I asked him teasingly if I was annoying him yet, and he said "Not in the slightest, quite the opposite actually." Pretty obvious, you'd think?

But then I asked him why, and he teasingly asked me why I was asking him so many questions, and I got irritable and said, "Because you're being so vague!" and he turned red and smiled and said something about, "It's entertaining, I don't know". I got upset because I suddenly took that to mean I was just a game to him and so barely talked to him the rest of the shift because I was confused and embarrassed.

Today it was awkward at first, but near the end of shift, he talked to me and I joked with him and he said, "You've been so feisty lately, (X). There must be something really new and exciting going on in your life~"

I feel like it's obvious at this point we both know something is going on (much more context to story), but he hasn't made an outright move yet, or even asked for my number, so I don't know.

I'm wondering if he's maybe leading me on/what to do? I need opinions.
Does coworker like me or just leading me on?
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