What does it mean when you can't see yourself dating anyone else?

I honestly can't see myself dating anyone else but this one guy I've been friends with since March? Does that mean something? I've never felt this way about anyone before but him... Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

He said he doesn't wanna commit right now and is not interested now, but everyone always asks if we're dating and he doesn't hook up with any other girls. I know this because his best friend is my best friend's girlfriend.
I meant boyfriend. lol His best friend is my best friends boyfriend.


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  • You definitely are, unless you -are- dating him, giving your feelings too much leeway is only going to get you hurt. :(

    There's always going to be someone else eventually, so hang in there and keep your options open chica... or if you feel it's right, just go for it and ask him :)

    • Hmm.. Well we spent a lot of time together and he was really friendly and sweet to me and everything this weekend and we danced together and everything. But I was also wearing booty shorts and a low cut top for halloween so that may have been why. Everyone says he just wants sex but I can't help thinking maybe it's more. I don't know why he would have bothered getting to know me for six months if he didn't truly care about me.

    • You underestimate what a guy is willing to do for sex.

      Men can have almost infinite patience if they can see sex ANYWHERE down the line.

    • Hmm... :/ I don't know maybe he'll like me.. who knows.