My boyfriend gets extremely Jealous over Kpop idols. What should I do?

Okay so my ex got really jealous over every little thing and I never told him about my love for kpop. And my new boyfriend told me in the beginning of our relationship that he's fine with me loving kpop. I love various kpop groups. Wanna One. GOT7. BTS. Jay Park. Black Pink. Red Velvet. Big Bang. 2NE1, etc... So I trusted him. Once in a while I would geek out in front of him but I really controlled myself. Anyways recently (the past month) he's been getting really jealous especially with male idol groups like BTS. And a couple weeks ago I told him that im going to south korea for a couple months to study abroad for school and he got so upset he accused me of cheating on him with male kpop idols and said "you're probably gonna dump me for Jungkook or cheat on me with other idols you love so much". (Ive had these Eduaction plans long before i met him) then he stopped talking to me for a week. he's starting to behave a lot like my ex. I never post about kpop groups or fangirl around him. And recently he's been sending me videos of my male idols to see how I'll react in front of him. If i blush he goes ballistic and it's so hard to keep my cool. I dont know what I should do or how i should handle this. I'm thinking of just breaking up with him cause he's making me feel guilty about loving certain things.
My boyfriend gets extremely Jealous over Kpop idols. What should I do?
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