Is there a reason why my black boyfriend refuses to date a black girl?

I'm white and my boyfriend happens to black/Mexican. He's been raised by his black mother who has four other kids (all are his half siblings) he has two older black sisters, and two younger black sisters. When we started dating (it's been a long bumpy year) he made it clear one of the reasons he really liked me was because I'm blonde/light eye color and white.

At first this didn't bother me, I was like whatever and we dated, broke up, did friends with benefits and dated and now went to a long distance relationship (my hair is turning grey). Although I love him and want him to be with me it bothers me that he really dislikes black girls (it's more then dislike and not quite hate but close to it).

He claims he doesn't like black girls because all black girls are apparently "loud" "rude" "violent" and "crazy" he even goes as far as telling people he's Caucasian with a European tan (I roll my eyes and tell him if that's what he is I'm black with a I never left my house tan). He also claims that his mother is a big reason for him being "anti-black girls" because she was always forcing him to date black girls and told him she'd beat the sh*t out of him if he dated a white girl. (his mother is very racist; she went as far as calling me a good black man steeler and slave owner and other white racist comments, I told her she needed to attend more church is she had so much hate for her son dating a white girl).

What I want to know is there more to these ill feelings? And if I should persuade him into therapy sessions, or seeing a counselor. Because I love him and want what is best for him and I feel that he shouldn't have a negative view of his own race. Because in my experience white girls can be just as bad as a stereotypical black girl. And I don't think the only "good" black girls hang out with white girls. I think the media is a big negative to the black image.

So any help or suggestion I can get for my boyfriends definite psychological problems?

Is there a reason why my black boyfriend refuses to date a black girl?
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