Should I date a former player?

I’ve met this guy, I’m so attracted to him - he’s super nice, genuine and respectful and treats me well. The only problem is he has slept with over 20 girls in the last 3 years and he’s only 21. I am the first girl he has had feelings for and he is very adamant that he’s done with that and regrets it a lot. All he wants is a relationship but I don’t know if I can cope with a number that high. I know the past is the past but I have only slept with one person and place a lot of value on sex so it’s turning me off him. Please help.
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For all of you saying I’m naive I am not going just off his words I’m going off the words of friends who have known him for years, we have been meeting up for 3 weeks and he has not laid a hand on me let alone pressure me for anything.
Should I date a former player?
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