Amazing date, he asked for a second, and still hasn't called me? :(

So we went out on a date. Actually we made last minute plans, and when he asked me if he would consider it a date, I said yes.

He was very sweet, took the check, despite that I wanted to take it :(

said I looked dashing. made a lot of nice compliments. The chemistry was great. We connected a lot, unlike any other date.

to keep it short it was great! we both felt something, he seemed very into it, and such.

said he was glad we met, and that he wanted to take me out on a second date.

He texted me back later that night, and said he would text me in sometime soon.

The date was this past Monday, and I still have not gotten back a text. I sent him 2 during the week, and nothing.

Maybe he needs time? I will wait of course, but I just hope he is still interested, because I really do like the idea of me being in a relationship with him if it can work.

Any ideas on why he hasn't contacted me yet?

Thanks guys!

like I said the date was great, I just don't understand what is going on :(


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  • He probably feels pressure because you have texted him, after he told you that he was going to text you. Don't worry, just give him some space. If he truly wants that second date, he will make sure he gets it :) So don't worry. In the meantime, enjoy yourself. Don't worry too much about his decision. If he never gets back to you, then leave it at that. Sometimes people just lose interest for no apparent reason. It isn't your fault if he loses interest. Sometimes guys just do. But you still have time to date other people and see what else is out there, stay positive :)


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  • He probably feels pressure because you texted him twice within the week, even though he had said that he would contact you. He might feel emasculated by that.

    And if you guys do go on a second date, remember that that's just a second date. Not a relationship.

  • You sent him two texts during the week after he said he would get back with you sometime...

    Um...maybe he feels pressured by you. Kind of like guys who call a girl one/twice/trice ... after just meeting her, is not good because it makes them look desperate. GIrls don't like that, and some guys don't either. So that could be part of the issue.

    I'd say, give it time. Another week. If no response, then fork him. These things happen. You meet someone, it seems great, then they don't respond probably because they're afraid you like them too much and don't want a relationship; are afraid you want more than they can give at the time.

    It's all really just forkin' bullshet. That's why I'm forkin' single, and will likely stay that way til I'm 500.

    • well I don't think that is the issue.

      I texted during a terrible storm to warn him to take it easy on the roads, as I do with a lot of my friends and family.

      and the second text was me telling him I was free from work just in case he was wondering,

      after the date he told me he wanted to take me out to a bar that he knows well, for a second date.

      we even wanted to sit around and watch terrible old movies.

      But its been exactly a week since I have heard from him... I just don't understand.

    • he seemed so into me. I am so confused

  • Hold tight. Don't worry too much. He is likely doing the same. I bet he will get back to you. Give it two weeks. If you have not heard something. Give him a call just to talk. Nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy out too.

  • probably he likes you to told his friends that and they counseled him to play it chill with you.

    Guy listen to their friends and like I said they prob think that he needs to play chill and not show he likes you to much.


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  • just wait:)

  • maybe he lost interest.

  • i went through something really really similar just recently. best thing you can do is move on with your life and not analyze this because it'll just drive you crazy

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