How to politely tell someone to fuck off?

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So, let start off... This guy and I have been friends for about a year. I liked him because he was polite and funny to talk to, however over the summer he became, quite literally, obsessed with me. He stalks my school's band page and screenshots every picture he finds of me and then spreads it to my friends, saying stuff like "isn't she so cute!" He has gotten very jealous of both my male and female friends, and is planning on following me to college, wherever that may be. He is overly friendly, complimenting absolutely everything I do and touching me. He freaked out to one of my friends when I gave him a slight side-hug ("We've made a huge leap in our relationship!"). He constantly texts me and questions what I'm doing. He stares at me wherever I am. I'm not a people person, I literally shake when I'm around people, and I've been feeling reluctant every time I see his name. He constantly pats me on the back, even knowing I don't do touch.
He has asked me to go to a hockey game with him, and he is apparently going to take me aside after the game and admit everything to me. I don't like him as anything other than a friend, and knowing he has been getting more and more obsessed it is beginning to worry me.
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Update: now. I told him I am gay, yet he refuses to back down. One of my friends gave me a hug and then he immediately came up and hugged me, and wo
uld not let go until I returned it. I discovered that he has been texting almost everyone in the school, and have had multiple people, who I have never met before, come up and talk as though we are best friends. He has informed the school that we are dating, and even has a ship name he uses for us in his private stories. Friends have shown me texts
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Friends have show me texts of his to them where he has sent unknown pictures of me to them, and recounted word for word private conversations.
How to politely tell someone to fuck off?
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