Should I forgive my best friend for taking advantage of me being intoxicated?

My best guy friend and I went out for drinks on Friday. We were best friends for years and he never expressed any romantic or sexual interest towards me, and neither did I, so I assumed all this time that we are really just friends. Anyway, the bar was crowded and there was some dude in the corner looking creepy at me all the time while I was waiting for my friend. The guy approached me and asked to buy me a drink which I politely declined. I was drinking my own drink. So my friend came and we continue drinking and talking, and at one point we went outside to have a smoke (leaving drinks).
And then everything became blurry for me. I am 100% positive that someone (maybe that dude) put something in my drink because I'm used to drinking a lot more, and now I only had 2 cocktails. I remember in short flashbacks that my friend and I were kissing... and I have no idea how it got there! Then the next thing I remember is my friend taking off my clothes in my bed (I guess my intoxicated self just thought he was putting me to sleep and I remember feeling so grateful that I'm home and safe). But then the next flashback is that my friend is having sex with me... And then I wake up in the morning. And he was there too, naked. I was hit with shock and woke him up. I yelled and screamed and threw up. Then he told me "what happened", apparently I was "drunk" and I came on to him. Like I started kissing him and telling him I want him. He said he was wasted too and that I didn't seem "that drunk" like I was stumbling a bit but I could talk clearly. He said he really thought I was serious and he was up for it. Then he just wanted to take me home, but I dragged him into bed, and told him to undress me completely and fuck me. And so he did...
I am so depressed and can't believe what happened. I'm also very angry with him, because even if I was really drunk on my own accord and seduced him that way, he should know better that it's alcohol and I am not conscious! It's not a valid consent
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I just think that a true friend would notice that I'm "different" (we're used to drinking together) and even if not, true friend would take me home safely and not take advantage of me like that.
Should I forgive my best friend for taking advantage of me being intoxicated?
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