His friend feels free to objectify me and he lets him?

I told our classmate who’s a mutual friend how crazy is it he gets annoyed at me having guy friends on my Snapchat and he said “he doesn’t mind me talking to you. Probably just if another guy is a threat of taking you I dunno?” I said “ah I see” ps: me and this guy have had a on and off relationship for a year or so and everyone knows about us

flash forward to later, the same guy who is his best friend but also our classmate messaged me at night maybe he was drunk not sure but he was being inappropriate. The next morning I told him I’m literally still dating (mutual friend of ours) I said should I tell him what you said last night? He’s gonna get mad at me for responding, Where you drunk And he said “No I wasn’t drunk but it’s okay he will forgive me I’m sure”
I told the dude wtf our classmate / friend said and he said “you must be giving off some impression”
but to any other guy that texts me he’s like block him. but to the friend who sent me a sexual on more than one occasion he doesn’t care?
all he did was tell him “desperate ass “
His friend feels free to objectify me and he lets him?
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