He sent me this song... what does it mean?

The guy I'm in love with sent me a song for the first time... and these are the lyrics (excluding the chorus):

"Do you feel sometimes you are alone, there is no one who knows your hurt. Your eyes look up to the mountain, there is no help anywhere."

"There are tears in your eyes for so many times you have lost. You're discouraged to start again, there's nothing more left."

"Will true love ever find you, will time be able to heal your wounds. Will someone ever be able to understand you."

We're still getting to know each other. I'd just like to hear others' opinions about it... is he trying to tell me something?


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  • possibly, it's also possible he just likes the song... depends on how he framed sending it to you, if he included a note that this was just a song he liked he probably intended that as a disclaimer, but if he didn't he may be hinting. you could just ask him, or if you have feelings for him, you could send him a song back with words that fit how you feel and see how he responds. if he just was sharing a song he liked he will likely think you are doing the same, same with if he wanted you to read more into it he will too. only do this if you want to make your relationship more intimate, though. if you aren't sure you want to i would just ask him about it or just wait and see. remember, it's not your responsibility to read between the lines. you can only know what he tells you, it's his job to tell you how he's feeling and it's your job to ask and to listen, and vice versa. if you cannot communicate clearly, it will not be a good relationship to be in, though at this point him being indirect is nothing to worry about, if he does mean it as more than just a song it's probably just nervous flirting and if you want to flirt back, a relationship where you can be more open can be achieved as you go.

    • Thank you, your answer is very helpful. The song isn't the type of music he listens to, or even that I listen to... and he didn't include any notes with it. I was surprised to get a song from him because I didn't see him as the type of guy who sends songs to people. We're both on a chat group and the night before when I made a post, he quickly posted a song (with neutral lyrics). I thought that was strange.. I never saw him post a song before (it wasn't his type of music but exactly what I listen to), and he wasn't on the chat much anymore. I commented that I like the song and the next day he sent me this one privately. I've been thinking of sending him a song for a few weeks now but decided not to because I didn't know how he would react. He hinted a few weeks ago when we saw each other that he has feelings for me. I've known him for about 3 months but we didn't talk much until we went out for the first time a month ago. Think I'm ready to send him that song now :)

    • I'm glad i could help!!

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  • He sent you a freaking song. So what means nothing.

  • Yeah don't over think it it's probably just a song


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