Why do girls unmatch me on tinder after a few hours or even a day?


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  • You need đź’°, toned body, a good looking face via some makeup and the best pics of yourself after all that
    Without those, you'll never get matched

  • Because they lose intreast

  • I’ve never had a girl unmatch me on any dating app. What are you saying to these girls? I always send a message immediately after a match. I usually ask an open ended question (why or what) about something I saw on their profile or if their profile’s blank I just mention it and ask if there’s anything I need to know about them. To many guys like to get super sexual super fast like a girls going to drop her pants for every single one of the 100 guys she matches with a day. That’s dumb don’t do that so quickly. Also to many guys think they should parade around like a clown and make her laugh. That’s a real good way to be put on her ego boost list. Just be a normal dude. Ask questions about her and share some stuff about yourself it’s really not that hard.

    • Also you don’t need money. You’re 18 no one in your dating pool has enough money to matter. You need to look like you have earning potential that’s all. You don’t need to have a good face the vast majority of men are ugly and do just fine. You do need at least a few high quality pics. Girls want to see what you look like clearly but not all your pics have to be high quality. I have a very blurry pic of me making a very ugly face that was taken in the rain in a pool. Only my face is visible but everyone around me is laughing. Focus on showing your character in your pics. Lastly never flex it just makes you look like a douche. You want to show off without looking like it was intentional.

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