Guys: a girl with a gorgeous face or sexy body?

So if you had to choose between two women (I know, i'm being shallow, but who isn't?), who would you choose? Girl A: gorgeous face, beautiful big green eyes, long hair, average body, smart and nice, or a girl with an average face and an amazing body, long hair, who is also smart and nice? the general consensus among 96 percent of the men I hear seem to agree that body is the deal breaker. And yes, this is about me, if you've figured it out by now. You see, I've been told that I am very beautiful, whatever that means, but I don't really care because I feel like from the neck down I am a disaster. I am short (slightly above five feet), I have small boobs (slightly smaller than an orange) and I have been blessed with naturally fat calves, so regardless of whether I weigh 120 pounds or 140; my current weight :( I will still have fat legs. I am not obese, I have already lost 15 pounds and hope to lose 10 more, but it is a slow and grueling process.

To sum up: would a very pretty girl with an average physique be invisible if compared to a girl with a sexy figure? What if both girls were beautiful, but only one of them had an amazing figure and the other one was 10 pounds overweight? would the girl with the average body not stand a chance? (I know the answer is a no, and I know guys are hard-wired to stare at anything sexy, but is it still possible to love a girl with an average body?) I know some nice guys will say personality matters and all that, but not according to what I have seen. even if you are a very nice guy, you can't help but like perfection. literally each time I am on the subway and a beautiful woman with a great body comes on, all men look at her, completely disregarding their wife standing next to them.
Guys: a girl with a gorgeous face or sexy body?
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