Do guys care if a girl is anorexic?

And doesn't eat?

I've tried everything to stay skinny healthy but it never works so it's a year later and basically I never eat and if I do eat, it's once a week and a piece of toast or an apple.Do guys care?At least I'm skinny lol

I don't care for the lectures.I asked if guys care you all could have put yes or not and that was final.I don't care if you think its unhealthy or body


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  • your all a bunch of sick fks then should get smacked to the floor and id like to beat the hell out of all you lot that tell her to stay skinny don't be bloody stupid don't starve yourself to be skinny because you will be come ill and the more you do it the more ill you become and won't be able to pick up from it why don't you just eat and gain some weight and then excersise daily and properly to keep your weight and a good level that way you stay healthy and skinny not ill I think any guy who wants a girl to do such a thing obviously is wrong in the head and needs a kickin any girl who thinks starving themselves to death is attractive then your an idiot the only thing your going to attractive is the prat guys that will use you for sex and nothing more than treat you as a tool if you think your clever then your shallow and pathetic and a disgrace to girls out there who have respect for themselves my answer to your question is yes REAL MEN DO CARE WE TAKE PRIDE IN A GIRL WHO HAS RESPECT FOR THEMSELVES THE ONLY GUYS WHO DONT CARE THAT YOUR MAKING YOURSELF ILL ARE THE ONES WHO ARE FKING JERKS ANY GUY WANTS TO ARGUE WITH IT BRING IT ON IL SMASH YOU DOWN WITH WORDS ALONE FKING LOOSERS GET A LIFE AND ACTUELLY HELP THE POOR GIRL BECOME HEALTHY You SICK FKS!

    • While you seem a bit over wrought, I sympathise with your intent.

    • omg) let me just ask one little question:) ARE YOU EXTREMELY FAT PERSON WITH THE GIRLFRIEND WHO EATS 50000000 CALORIES PER DAY and happy with that?:)

    • who are you asking that to and if its me then no I'm not fat nor skinny I'm perfect weight for my height and age and my last partner was the same because she kept to a good diet of food a good amount of fat and salt level in her food and kept healthy its not even hard to do any of it an still eat I think its pathetic that you lot coax her on to make herself ill this is a site for helping people not be complete twats

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  • Anorexia is a disease. A clinically diagnosable disease. Do most guys care if you have that particular disease? Well, like any disease, it probably depends on how bad you have it. It also depends on the guy. A lot of guys are pretty disgusting, I'm afraid, and are attracted to self-destruction, especially if it comes in that particular form.

    I think the problem is that it's hard to tell what you're asking. If you're just skinny, and you don't eat too much, and you feel that it is comfortable and natural for you not to eat too much, then certainly some guys are attracted to skinnier women, and some are attracted to heavier women, and some, like myself, tend only to be attracted to fairly athletic women who are neither skinny nor bulky.

    If you are truly anorexic and starving yourself to death... certainly, NOT ALL men are attracted to women who are anorexic. Yes, I'm afraid that some men are. Those that are genuinely attracted because of the anorexia are undeniably disgusting people. As I say, it is undeniably disgusting to be attracted to someone's sickness, and I don't see how you can get around that when you ask the question.

    If you are asking, on the other hand, whether a decent guy could be attracted to an anorexic woman in spite of her anorexia, which I think is the real point of your question? Well, then my answer is that a perfectly decent guy could certainly be attracted to someone with anorexia. Absolutely. Just not BECAUSE of her anorexia. All the same, for decent guys, anorexia is fairly likely to be a "turn-off," just not a "deal-breaker."

    • Your short answer is no,guys don't care if their girlfriend/wife or potential has anorexia.all you had to say was no

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    • I feel the Asker is making this seem so difficult as it seems.

    • Well, she's obviously sensitive about it, but give her the benefit of the doubt. The question seems innocent and sincere enough, just not clear. Look at the answerer comments following the posts of "KarKingJack" and "irishandproud." Those users do (justifiably) view the question as legitimate and worth replying to.

      People have gone so far as to prejudge the asker's motive, and I think that is silly. Who the hell knows WHY she wants an answer to HER question? It is HER business, not ours.

  • Listen, you really wana know what guys think, sure the skinny chick models are hot but we KNOW no body ACTUALLY looks like that. We don't expect girls to look like that, if you've been anorexic for to long, your body consumes all its energy stores, including both fat and muscle. Meaning you become so thin its NOT attractive anymore, Even the natural healthy looking fat in your breasts gets consumed, the overall appearance looks sickly. And as far as guys caring, yes guys DO care. Honestly its so selfish that a girl will want a certain figure that she deprives herself like that! Do you have a boyfriend? What's he say? Are you truly so selfish that you don't want to go out to dinner with your friends? I know that no matter what I say you won't change your habits, So not only do guys care about you and your health, because we want you to be safe and be OK, a guy will also care about your figure, and hear me now, a woman at a healthy weight is FAR more attractive. A man will also care about your emotional state, and the fact that you apparently think your fat is really quite depressing and the actions you have taken because of this are selfish

  • I think its disgusting, personally. (you asked)

    its like being with one of those holocaust victime you see on the documentaries about WWII...

    ... or, some whacked out coke fiend... or a cancer victim.

    honestly, I refuse to feel sorry for someone who won't eat. They deserve to die in my book.

    do you need classes?

    "This is food... you EAT it..."

    "EAting, is the act of mashing food with your teeth then letting it slide down your throat"

    this is natural selection at work, in my book...

    • Fine,if I deserve to die,then I will

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    • i can't believe someone would F**king die to be skinny. WHAT THE HELL HAS BECOME OF AMERICA.

    • Uh its not what has become of America. Its actually about the backlash against the feminist movement of the 1960's and societies attempts to stifle women by making them feel inferior.

  • From the update, I can see that the asker doesn't really care about the answer to her question at all. However, I will still try to answer it, for the benefit of people who are reading this...

    There are many different types of guys around, some of them are nice and some of them are assholes. Unfortunately, the latter seems more common. Personally, I would care if the person I was going out with was putting themselves in this sort of danger, because it means that they most likely have self-esteem or self-confidence problems. I would still love them but it would be a constant worry, and it could honestly drive some people over the edge if the girl doesn't do anything about it. I also think that being extremely thin would also remove any sexual feelings I had for her.

    Not trying to lecture the asker here, but... While anorexia is a voluntary decision to not eat, it IS a clinically recognised disease and it IS known to be fatal most of the time. You see some really screwed up pictures of anorexics sometimes, and I often wonder why they bother when it is so obviously completely messing up their health. However, I understand that some people do it because of personal issues and I sympathise with that. Just remember: Super small sizes, for example size 0, are UNNATURAL and A MAJOR TURN-OFF for nearly every guy on the planet. The emotional love may exist, but the sexual feelings will not.

    • mind your own busines

    • sorry honey but if you wanted us to mind our own business then you wouldn't have asked.

    • totally agree with you JKLivinLily

  • LOL. Guys on GirlsAskGuys care. Actually, everyone will care, because anorexia is a big thing, you know? But hopefully they care compassionately, not y'know. 'Thats disgusting.' Hahaha.

    Anyway, I dated an anorexic ^_^ Although she had managed to get over the worst of it and get eating by the time I met her, so it wasn't something I had to like, be part of. I have weight problems too, but not something whack serious like anorexia. But yeah. I quite like it, actually.

    • I'd actually like to add to anyone reading that QA clearly isn't just 'trying to justify her disease'. People are giving her the most snotty f***ing answers I've ever seen. If your gonna be a bitch, its fair to expect a bitch back. You don't f***ing rat on people with cancer, do ya? You don't f***ing rat on people with diabetes?

      Fuck that sh*t, man. The people of GAG are capable of some real bullsh*t sometimes.

    • Thanks.every now and then I see your answers and I find you an interesting guy

    • Yeah? Lol, awesome. Thanks.

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  • For starters I will say to "Anonymous User",DONT ask a question,if you are not prepared for all types of answers from ALL angles. DON't tell folks not to lecture you. Doing so is very ignorant being that you are confessing to have a very serious disease that is BOTH psychological and physically damaging. YOU posted the question,so if anything you should be kicking yourself in the ass for even asking it and expecting only YES or NO answers. That actually shows how dilusional you actually are,and further explains why you should seek HELP. I'm not railing on you,however,people in the right frame of mind KNOW that anorexia is not cute or attractive. YOU are hurting yourself in everyway. So after reading your responses to some people, I've just got to say,Step Off, and calm down that attitude. You're super defensive about it because you know you have a problem and you want people to give responses that are enabling to your disease.

    Yeah,im not a guy,and No I don't care to answer this silly question. No I'm not mean,but honest. I'm going to finish my kit kat and pizza,have a good one.

  • Yes. Yes they do.

    Guys want someone healthy.

    And generally speaking, most guys prefer a soft body. So a bit of chub is always nice.

    So if your showing classic signs of anorexia: I.E., constantly tired, skeletal like appearance, weakness...a guy won't really go for you based on appearances.

    Guys generally don't care what you look like so long as you look healthy. Being "skinny" doesn't really matter in the long run for them.

  • Sorry but that's gross. It's NOT attractive for all your bones to stick out and be as skinny as a pole. If you want to be skinny then eat right (healthy food) and work out. If you only eat a piece of toast a week then honey, you won't live too much longer. People need food to survive, and just eating one piece of toast or apple a week doesn't cut it.

  • i recomend telling seeign a doctor or a guidance councelor about your anorexia. for most guys, if they really care about you then they would be concered about this. but if theyre just in it for other reasons then they wouldn't care at all hope this helps

  • Men can be shallow, but hopefully not to the point where they put their girlfriends in danger.

    If nothing else, they won't want to put up with that kind of drama. It's a mental disorder and you'll end up in hospital for ages with people trying to help you get back on track.

    Men are genetically programmed to be shallow because beauty used to be a sign of good health- a women with good skin and a decent figure would be a suitable child bearer. Now that standard has been twisted and girls think it's good to starve themselves to appease men. Being underweight is just as bad as being overweight. All men I've talked to hate the anorexic look. I'm a healthy weight and have never had any big trouble with finding a boyfriend.

    I get that none of these replies will change your mind but you asked a question, the members of GAG only want to help, and we're doing our best (well, most of us).

    I know, I know, you wanted a one word answer, so mine is YES. (Frankly, if he doesn't care, he doesn't deserve you).

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