Girlfriend is letting herself go? Should I break up?

I've been dating my girlfriend for 10 months now. She's gained a good 30 lbs at least. She wasn't skinny to begin with.. but was still in good shape. She worked out a lot.. ate decent. I work out and eat healthy. I like to take care of myself and told her I expected the same from her. She agreed. Over the course of 10 months she's gained 30-40 lbs. I'm not shallow.. but come on. She has a beer gut. She can't fit into any of her jeans so she wears leggings. I've brought it up multiple times. It seems like she shapes up for a week or two. "Hey look I went to the gym today.. hey look I'm eatinf healthy again." Then goes back to her old ways. She'll cook something healthy in the kitchen when I'm there.. but catch her stuffing her face with junk while she's cooking. She looks at me like "oops" when I say.. lets go for a walk.. lets go to the gym.. she pouts. She's mad because we haven't had sex in 2 months.. but what does she expect? It's NOT attractive. Our relationship has gone down hill. Sorry.. if you're going to show me you're letting yourself go.. I'm going to push myself away. I put a lot of effort into the relationship. We got into a heated argument the other night. I yelled at her saying.. I'm tired of putting in so much effort and living up to your expectations while you get lazy and let yourself go and don't try. She cried.."I know.. you have.. I'm sorry.. I'll work on it." She goes back to her ways. I deal with this every relationship where girls get overly comfortable. It' annoying. Should I end it?
Girlfriend is letting herself go? Should I break up?
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