Is spooning cheating?

I have an LDR girlfriend of a year, and my best friend (female) ever since I joined uni ages ago.

so, me and my friend went out to see fireworks recently, got some drinks, and went back to watch netflix at hers.
I stayed round, cause it was waaaayyy too late to walk home where we live (would probably be shanked), and about halfway through the night she get super cold, so we snuggled up and started spooning and cuddling soon after, until we both fell asleep.
We woke up the next day super tangled together and haven't had any issue between us over it.

I haven't told my girlfriend about it, even tho me and my best freind are good with it, i feel bad that i dont feel bad about doing it.
was i cheating on my gf? should i be worried? should i tell her about what i did?
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Is spooning cheating?
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