What's the deal with dating and paying the bill?

So, a friend of mine went out on a date with a girl. They hade a great time, and at the end he paid the bill as he insisted. The girl gracefully accepted, but made him promise that next time it would be her turn to treat. They both agreed and he gave her his word on the matter.

Next date they went out on, things went smoothly and when it came time for the bill he reached out for it, as he normally would, but then remembered their agreement and let her pay for the drinks. He then proceeded to take her home, and it seemed like all was going well.

Few days passed, and while texting her, he would get quick abrupt responses. My friend is not stupid. He knew something was up. Mind you he's been on plenty of dates and a few serious relationships. So, he asked her when they'll see each other, and she responded, she didn't want to see him ever again. He asked why, and she said she got turned off when he thought it was a given thing she would pay for the bill even though they agreed on it. The end.

Now, when my sister heard this story, she thought it was hilarious, and most definitely believed the girl had some issues. I, on the other hand, thought maybe she was multi dating, and just trying to get out of a situation by finding a lame excuse. However, a Russian girl who's a friend of mine thinks that a woman should always be treated, and that the girl had every right to feel turned off.

What do you think? Is it a cultural thing perhaps? How should one avoid such situations? I'm just curious to hear what all the girls think, but guys can also state their opinion.
What's the deal with dating and paying the bill?
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