Girls: why do you get another guy to tell me to leave you alone instead of you?

ok I was talking to this girl, we flirt a lot in class and we got each others numbers and have been texting. things were going good until I don't know somehow she was hanging out with her ex boyfriend because he wanted to talk to her and I guess she used the restroom and he took her phone and saw I had been messaging her so he texts me saying to leave her alone. this got her upset and ruined her night and us talking that night.

she made the remark well I'm not worth it anyways. I said maybe your right but let me decide for myself. you might be right but you never know. she got pissed and today in class she was pissed and I could tell. she didn't look at me nor say a word.

then after school I texted her asking about it. she got pissed because I knew something was up. she stopped texting me and then I get a message from apparently her cousin saying to leave her alone or he will beat my ass and kick my teeth in.

Ok one everyone who ever talks sh*t to me never backs their ass up. second it pissed me off because she couldn't text me telling me to leave her alone. instead she hides behind some guy telling me to back off while being a total asshole.

I just want to know why girls never tell the guy to leave them alone, they always I mean always get someone else to do it and its always nasty.

I don't get mad very easily but today I was so pissed off I went off and her and the guy and I'm ready to beat the living sh*t out of him. if someone is going ot threaten me they better show up, everyone talks smack but never backs it up. f*** high school girls, immature bitches.

So why do you girls do this to guys. always have someone else tell them to leave them alone?
Girls: why do you get another guy to tell me to leave you alone instead of you?
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