Girls why do you start to ignore a guy?

Girls what are reasons that you would ignore a guy that you used to talk to all the time? If I am in that situation how should I handle it?


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  • in general a guy that likes you and is staring to often and continuiously may make me uncomfotable or just a guy that can't make up his mind about what weither he likes you or not or what he's going to do with you, or just someone who acts like a physcho stalker, though I kinda like don't mind that bit. :)

    maybe she just found she likes you and it uncomfortable. or your an idiot douch, yes, both, and annoy that hell out of her, or are just a boredom king, who leaves her with a bad taste in her mouth.

    honesty these things really vary.

    but I hope I helped.


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  • Usually when I start to ignore a guy, its because I'm extremely mad at said guy. He usually did something that is completely against my morals or out of his character. If this is the case with you, you just need to be the bigger person and apologize but you can't just go up to this girl and say "sorry" and that's it. You need to tell her why you are sorry and that could be tricky because if you really can't figure it out your apology is just going to seem like a one word fix all kind of thing which does not meet most girls standards.

  • Well, it would seem that not only girls ignore men, but it is also that men begin to ignore girls.

    But, on the occasion that a girl does begin to ignore you,

    Chances are she wants your attention that much more, or she wants to upset said man so he thinks about her even more.

    Girls minds work in an odd way, they feel that, sometimes ignoring is the best way to go,

    When really, it solves nothing, but,

    The best I can tell you is to not push things, she will either come around eventually,

    Or she wont, and on the off chance that she does not come around,

    She is not worth it anyway.

  • because she isn't interested anymore. I mean she probably tried to start something and had thoughts about what she likes about you and "what if" thoughts about if you two were ever to date. but she really did try and now she doesn't want to hurt your feelings because she know you like her.

    or she could just be a complete bitch and stopped talking to you because she wants a new guy and isn't going to tell you. so you can figure it you when you see her with a guy you know.

    to handle it, you just gotta forget about it for now. try someone new and if you have to even delete her from you cell [that is if you can still get her number from someone or somewhere]

    But after like a month without talking just randomly text her some night and see how she has been and if she shows that she actually is done ignoring you then try again.

    i've been through something like this recently.

    • For example when I do get a chance to talk to her in person (before she started to ignore me), I actually asked what she had planned after class or for the weekend. All I would hear is that she was going out with friends, and I actually so "ohk I was going to ask you if you wanted to do something," she didn't say anything. Few days later got her number and all went down hill from there.

    • Well she could just not be interested like I said before. but the way she is acting is totally bitchy. just give up on her and don't make yourself look annoying by texting her anymore. just delete her and find someone else. and if she cares then she will text you first. I don't see the point in wasting your time trying when she won't even waste her breath to talk to you dude.

  • It depends.

    If you did something wrong, apologize and mean it. Find out what it is and work it out.

    If she just started doing it out of nowhere then, maybe she's into you and is playing hard to get.

    I tend to do that too. I like to make sure a guy likes me by making him seek me.

    You could probably tell right away, if she is giving you short answers with a careless tone then you most likely did something wrong.

    But I do not know her, this is just my guess.

  • hmmm maybe because we are shy or we are waiting for you to come up to us and start convo...

    • At least with this girl I have and she just ignores me and keeps walking. The funny thing I didn't do anything to her and she used to answer my texts, but not anymore.

    • Omg you serious ouch that suck's it might be she doesn't want to talk2 you or has a boyfriend ...

    • Yeah, either she didn't hear you, she's in a hurry, or she's blowing you off. Make sure she hears you, try one more time if she did hear you, and if nothing happens after that then move on.

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  • My girlfriend started ignoring me only because I asked her that u r not loving me more and I think u are interested in someone else

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