My ex girlfriend text to say "hi"?

hi all

i got a text from my ex just saying "HI" nothing more nothing less.

this was about a week after we split, I did text back straight away but with the same response "Hi"

i have not heard back since and its been a week, and its really playing on my mind.

i do love her but feel that she took me for granted, what should I do?

thank you for your advice.

Ok this is the update!

it was a cry for help in the contact sense, she ended up calling me on the Thursday night.

the conversation was detailed and intense, I explained that I'm not happy to be in a relationship where I'm taken for granted, watch this


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  • apparently she was trying to connect with you again. especially that you left her!

    so if you are still interested in her. and you think things would work out between you. its already a week past. so do the same thing with her. text her " HI" and she would show you what expected you to do.

    but just do so if you are going to come back together. if you decided she is not good for you. just try to forget about the text( I know its so hard, but maybe its easier than being hurt of a not good relation later)

    • i do love her, but she has to change, I can't force it, if she was trying to reach out why not respond when I text her back?

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    • yep that's right?

      she knows how I feel.

      she knows I didn't want this.

      she knows that I would take her back if she makes an effort.

      so what comes next?

    • i think when she knows all of these, and yet text you again. it sounds like, I'm trying. so she texts you to see if you are still on your words. but you just blocked her path. so maybe she thinks you don't want to be with her anymore, or you are angry enough that don't want to talk with her for awhile.

      if this relation worth for u. maybe you can try once again. text her and see what will happen, if she is trying to change or not.

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  • I'd still find out what she wants. If she asks you for something then you will have justification in leaving her. If she seems to have made an effort to change there's no harm in giving her a chance if you still care for her, but be wary. Change is usually an illusion, and almost never true.

    • thanks again for the advice, I hear what your saying but if I try and changer her, it will never happen!

      would you say its best to see if she can change and let her make contact?

      and if she stays away and moves on then she's not the one?

    • If she really does want to try and change, then yes give her a shot, but if you see that she hasn't changed, or is only trying to get back what she had before then move on. Don't get back into a relationship, but do give her a chance IF she seems to really want to make it work, the right way.

  • Did you leave her, or did she leave you, and what was the reason for the breakup?

    • i left her, she took me for granted.

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    • To see if you would answer at all. You answered, = you still care.

    • so I should just leave it?

      or should I do something?

  • what happened? I can't find the detail

  • She is likely trying to see how you will react, because she still thinks about you. Text her back in about a week or so and see how she responds. If she texts you before then makes sure and just call her after that to see what's up with her for real.

    • still not heard from her, I know if I call or text her she will know that I will back down.

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  • She wanted to see if she still has power over you. She took you for granted, but knows you still care Now that she got her ego boost, she still knows that she can have you anytime that she wants on her terms. She wants you to chase her. Girls get a kick out of stuff like this and do this all the time. Move on, ignore her, and start dating other girls.

    • i think your right, she has just tested me to se if I would respond, that's why I have not heard back, she just posted on facebook that these are her last few days in london! do you think she is baiting me?

  • you should have responded with a "hey what's up?" or something at least there's something she could've responded to and you get a jist of what she wants. seems like she just misses you and wants your attention

    • then why has she not sent anything for over a week, she knows that it was her being selfish that made me leave, not lack of love for her.

      what do you recommend?

    • what I'm getting from this is that she's a selfish person and I think she texted you to say hi because she doesn't want to be forgotten. she still wants to be on your mind while you never know if she's moving on behind your back. if she respected your decision to leave because of her selfishness she would still be keeping her distance. unless she decides she's going to change on her own (because you know you can't make her change) you should stay clear of this girl.

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