How do I deal with my girlfriends texting bull?

Im currently in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend. We are 1200 miles apart, but we want it to work.

Tonight she drunk texted me. I was like heyy ill talk to you in the morning, go have fun. She said, hey I honestly don't think is going to work anymore. I said you don't mean that. She replied my knee gave out at a dance party.

Of course I wanted to say f*** you you cunt, but somehow I refrained.

This is the second time she's done that and nothing gives her that right.

I know in the morning she will apologize. I want to say peace bitch but I haven't met someone I liked this much ever.

Regardless of how much I like her, I can't put up with shit like that.

what do I say

Any input would be sweet.


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  • This is one of my favorite things to talk about, the drunken boo boos.

    Now you can believe this or not, but people will not do or say anything they don't already want to do or say when under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol just impares you inhibitions, it doesn't make you say or do anything. You just have the balls to do it when you drunk that's all.

    Long distance relationships are very hard, and I have no doubt that you care for this girl, but sometimes you have to think if its worth it. No relatioship is worth you feeling like crap half the time because of what your girlfriend or boyfriend says to you no matter what their current state of mind is.

    Your going to have a few broken hearts before you find that one person your meant to be with hun, its going to hurt but its life. And frankly life sucks sometimes!


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  • long distance.yeah, ouch. Been there, done that.

    My honest opinion, I hate to say, is that unless one of you would be willing to soon move to the other and be together, it won't work. I only say this from personal experience, so I could totally be wrong for you. but when it hapened to me, neither of us could move to the other at the time and I wouldn't e able to go for about 2-3 more years because of school and getting my career started. We saw each other 4 times a year, and it still wasn't enough. We loved each other a hell of a lot but we got anxious. You have to be with someone that can be there for maybe you'll have to agree to be together when you can actually be there. That's what I had to do. it's not easy, it hurts like hell, but you can still be friends and help each other out. And what I learned from my experience, is that even if you are just friends, it does not mean that you will ever love them any less.


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  • Well the question is, is it worth it? You say you've never met anyone that makes you this happy, but during those texts, are you still happy? I'd probaly tell her (when she's sober) that her drunk texting is annoying and ask her to stop. If she doesn't well. its your call.

  • yeah I agree.drunken girls are a turn-off and its jus pure rude.i got a few suggestions

    1. make her promise you that she'll nvr do that again or alternatively limit the number of drinks that she can take per outing

    2. long distance relationships needs plenty of willpower to make it succeed.paying a visit once in a while might help

    3. dun be rude to her.u might have the adverse effect of giving the impression that you are abusive

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