Would you date a girl with a birthmark on her face?

if the girl had one birthmark on the right side of her chin and one on the right side of her neck...and she was pretty ...would you date her or like her?

nope my friend crystal...she's concious of it and I try to make her happy and not feel bad and try to bring her spirit up..but I'm curious to know what you guys think...nah the one on her chin is the size of one reeses peanut butter cup
and the one on her neck is the size of a baby ruth bar...sorry for the references..the only soze I could think of as reference ...
and it's flat an smooth


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  • i'd aim for the birthmarks to cover them up lolol.

    but seriously I wouldn't care as long as she was pretty. and even if she wasn't I wouldn't be mean to her about it.

    • thnks for the response..yea she is really pretty and I hav fren who check her out but she thinks I lie when I tell her...thnks for the response again :))

    • you got it! you have to realize that she will always be self conscious at some level about that. even if the sexiest guy in the world told her she was perfect with the birthmarks she would still feel like he was lying.

    • so true I think...i agree with you...i care for her just wish she'd see how beautiful she really is...

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  • Well obviously your personality is a factor but in terms of physical attractiveness, yeah sure, why not?

    • :)))) I like your answer

  • unless it's one of those giant things

    • those sound pretty big. honestly, I would be turned off, but it's not a deal-breaker.

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    • yeah, there's a thing called a port-wine stain. unless it's that, she should be fine.

    • yea she covers it with makeup sometimes and it doesn't show...yea it's really flat and smooth like the rest of her skin

  • I have a birthmark on the side of my face that takes up the whole right side. It is even on my gums and on the roof of my mouth. If you dont believe me my name is timothy jacob thomas im on Facebook and i live in toney alabama. I've never met a gir with a birthmark like mine but i have no doubt that id date her because we would have something we can relate to each other

  • Pic?

    • nope ...she has her pics .. :/

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