He said "let's keep in touch" after the first date... Did it go well?

I just had a good, in my opinion, first date with a guy I only spoke to briefly online. Before we met, we only texted a little - about where we're from, what we do, our hobbies, just couple words, then scheduled a date. It wasn't the type that we would text all day and I thought that's how he texts which was fine.

I think we had some things in common, had what to talk about, spent a few hours together, it was pretty easy for us to talk to each other (I think). He's not the type to be flirty or very expressive, he is somewhat serious and reserved, we were just getting to know each other, there was no physical interaction or anything. The only thing, it was very late, so by the end I might've gotten a little quiet bc I was tired and I hope he didn't consider it disinterest. We were waiting for the train and talking and when the train that he could take came and I told him, he said "it's ok, I'll wait for the other one" - that we took together - I thought it might've meant he wanted to talk to me.

When it was time to say bye, he smiled, shook my hand (well I don't know, he did that at the beginning as well) and said smth like "it was nice getting to know you, let's keep in touch", I said the same.
Did he mean it or did he not like the date? He's a tiny bit shy and reserved, plus it also took him a few days to text me after I gave him my number through the dating app (he asked me out, I said yes, gave him # to keep in touch outside the app, he texted only a few days later), he was probably talking to someone else. Maybe he's just not the type to text all the time and will text me to schedule a date when he decides he wants to? Or he's talking to someone else now but does want to see me again?

Or, I'm afraid, he didn't think I was interested bc I got a little quiet and bc of how I ended the date. In this case, should I text him and say I enjoyed spending time with him, in case he thought I didn't?

by the way, today is the second day since the date.
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I'll appreciate comments about whether or not I should text him first to let him know I had a good time...


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  • Well maybe he is trying not to rush it. As for you try not to freak out and demand immediate response. I suggest you should NOT text him first because you will scare him. Try to wait a week for him to make a move. If he doesn't then you can either move on, or just send him a whats up text and that you liked your date. Now, considering your info I think that he is very kind and has good manners, l liked that he did a handshake and that he waited the next train to keep you company. Sounds like a gentleman. Just wait and see then! Good luck!

    • Thanks. I'd hope it means he's considering texting me, but shaking my hand could mean he's not interested. And I'm afraid that I didn't convey my interest and he would be glad to get me text and see I was actually interested. Waiting a week might be too much.. "btw thanks for Sat night, I enjoyed it" a week later is a little weird. I was thinking of texting today/tomorrow...

    • I don't even know, since I'm overthinking and he must be processing too, he might have even though that me pointing at the train he could take meant that I wanted him to leave earlier. I'm afraid I was too nervous and tired to show my interest.

    • Well you are right about the week waiting, it is too much, just wait 3-4 days and then text him... and just take a breath and think that of it is going it will happen, if he doesn't text then move on, you had a night out at least

  • Text him.


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