Should I keep talking to him or not?

So, I've started seeing a guy that I meet through an app. I know I shouldn't expect a lot from this dating sites but here is my doubt.
The other day we meet and went to have lunch together, he invited me, even though I told him I'd pay my part, but he said he would do it since I don't have a job yet. Then we went to his house to spend the evening and he let me to play with his cats while he was cleaning up, I offered to help but he refused. After that we watched TV while cuddling and ended up naked in his bed relaxing but nothing else happened. He added me on Facebook in that moment, which I think is not a big deal, but for your information.
The day after we started talking and so but he only started the conversation once, I should say here that from the beginning he was a very short answer person and that's how his answers keep being. I asked him if he would like to meet again and he answered me if I was up for a threesome, to what j said "not for now, I want to know you better". Whenever I ask him something he answers nicely, I told him once about my schedule but forgot to told him about Friday and he asked me about my schedule on that day. When I asked him for a photo of his cats he sent it right away, and he sends me pictures of things without me asking for it, like him making his breakfast.
He's spending the weekend away in other city and haven't talked to him since a short talk on Friday because I wanted to give him space with the people he is with. Yesterday day he posted a picture of the place where he is now and I told him I've been there and is very beautiful, and the asked how is he doing. All he did was sending me a picture of a small lake there but ignoring the other questions.
I would like to know your opinion about that, am I being too clinging to him? Or is he just giving me a hint to stop talking to him?
Thanks in advance!
Should I keep talking to him or not?
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