How can you determine your level of attractiveness?

I don't know where I stand at all because guys almost never approach me and of the few most have been narcissistic or just wanted sex from me, most aren't even really attractive to me. Also the way guys in my community are, you can't feel special because it's like they talk to anyone. I've seen some of the girls they talk to.
I have seen generally unattractive women dressed plainly get guys talking to them, even out of car windows. I've seen basic looking girls get talked to, and guys call them "bad" even though they re not.

Here are some things that occur:
-Walking down the street some men honk
-some have slowed down
- I've heard people call me different terms used for attractive
-ive received grades in school from male teachers that I didn't work for (I saw this mentioned as an experience others have)
-family and family friends call me pretty (although they can be biased or tell you it just because)
-I work in schools and the younger boys and teens seem to like to hit on me
-ill hear people calling me pretty or whatever and trying to stare without me noticing
-ive seen people's behavior change around me
- I walked down the street one day and a group of guys just hung & stared out the window at me
Sometimes I notice people's reactions but I second guess it as something else because the men in the community/ culture are usually shitty and can be rude. So I don't want to mistake disgust as interest.

I just don't know if I'm really pretty because there are less attractive girls getting guys talking to them left and right. While I'm just here. I don't know if it's that I look like I could be about 14 or I look "unapproachable". On the bright side a guy that was an 7.5-8 thought I was cute.
How can you determine your level of attractiveness?
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