She won’t date me because I have a child?

Met this gorgeous girl and have fallen for her big time. After a few weeks of dating I told her I have a child and just like that she dumped me. I think she is in the wrong and should give it a chance.

She explained that it’s not so much the child but the ex that comes attached to it and it’s just to much hassle. She is somebody that is career driven and does live quite a exciting life so I know she doesn’t want kids until a couple of more years. I just think it’s harsh and told her this. We got into a huge fight, And she replied it’s her choice that she managed to not get pregnant its not that difficult and that she wants somebody without baggage so they can do spontaneous things and put each other first.

A few of my friends agreed with her which annoyed me even more. So is she right or wrong? I am 31 and she is 28 by the way.
I agree with her I wouldn’t date anyone with kids
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She won’t date me because I have a child?
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