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Date is going on holiday with a female friend?

Just out of curiosity, I’m looking for guys thoughts on this..

I’ve been dating someone for almost 7 weeks now, we see each other 3-4 times a week at the moment. We’re not exclusive.

Ever since the beginning when he was chasing me he always told me about a couple of close particular female friends he had, even showing me messages between them, which weren’t much more than just friendly in my opinion, and when he has plans with them / sees them etc.

They went out the other night, and when I asked out of curiosity if it was just the two of them, he said it was but for me not to worry and that she was just a mate.

I’m not a jealous person or anything, but today he sent me a message saying she was abroad and he might go out and join her for a few days for some sun.

Like I said I’m not a jealous person, and really he can do what he wants because there’s no label on our relationship yet, but is this an odd thing to do? Or can guys genuinely have female friends where there’s nothing between them?

I’m new to the dating scene so this interests me.

Date is going on holiday with a female friend?
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