Am I overreacting? Boyfriend missing my birthday for a vacation?

The other day my boyfriend mentioned that his father wants to invite me to their vacation in Hawaii over winter break, but said he isn't too sure about it as he knows it's my birthday and he has work. They'll be gone from the 15th to the 26th of February, my 18th birthday happens to be on the 22nd. But then I see on facebook later the same dad his father posted a status about him booking their tickets and now I'm super upset 'cause he won't be here for my birthday and I just feel like he never really gave me a choice as his father did ask me if I wanted to go and I said I'd have to talk to my parents... It's my 18th birthday and I haven't had a party before, or friends over for my birthday before... He was supposed to be the first boyfriend to be with me on my birthday, but now he's going away and I just feel so upset. It's my 18th birthday and I wanted him to be there for when I get my first tattoo as he has a few already being almost 19. I wanted to feel special on my birthday for once and spend time with my lover but now that's not going to happen. Am I overreacting? I want to bring it up to him, but I don't want to hinder him from going on said vacation as I know he really enjoyed Hawaii the last time he went.
Am I overreacting? Boyfriend missing my birthday for a vacation?
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