We texted all night, now he barely messages me. Why?

I met this guy on a 5 day school trip. He's a grade older than me. I was pretty shy at first but on the last day of the trip I decided to glance at him a few times. He started glancing back and he started talking to my friend and I for a bit. By the end of the trip he put down his number in my itouch because I told him that I needed help with my itouch and he told me he'd help me.

I texted him in the evening on the next day & I was nervous because I thought that he wouldn't respond, but he did. He helped me out with my itouch and then started to REALLY open up. He started telling me things about his past and some of the girls he used to like and was mentioning prom.He even started complimenting me on my body and appearance and I ended up telling him that I thought he was cute. I couldn't believe that in one night him and I would connect so fast. I told him I wasn't happy with my body and he even told me that I was skinny and pretty, he'd wanna take me to McDonald's and give me a 5lb chocolate bar (he was obviously joking) We ended up texting from 8pm-4am which is crazy.

Before we were gonna sleep he texted me saying "night, sweet dreams <3" I definitely thought that we might of had something going on Because he literally told me a lot and complimented me. I texted him today about some last questions on my itouch and he barely responded. He wasn't talking as much as last night. Would there be a reason? I hope I didn't ruin anything. Do you think he might be interested?


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  • well boys like something to chase...dont text him..let him text you then take 1 hr to respond to his text...dont b like "oh your so cute..i kinda like u" nope..keep it cool...jus don't send anything to him...boys that age don't know what they want so don't try to figure out if you did anything wrong because you did nothing wrong..he is jus a guy and they are what? confused..he may take hours..days, weeks to text you again, it will be difficult but don't text him 1st! he is gona say your clingy..thats the line guys use. maybe he wil never text you back then..well good thing about life is if you look around..there are guys everywhere ^_^ so I'm sure if he blows you off the odds r..ur gona find a new 1. AND don't say negative things about your body, everyone is different, you jus got to work with what you have, you can be skinny and sexy..big and sexy..its all about confidence..+guys like girls with confidence..unless they jus want to use them for sex of course..dont let a guy hear you go on and on about how much you don't like your body..next time if he texts back..keep the conversation off your looks and how you think he looks..dont flirt jus yet..jus keep it on the basics..music..movies shows..what you like what he likes..what you hate what he hates etc...ok? and remember if it doesn't work out...plenty of fish in the sea , good luck!