Is a rebound relationship the same as second choice?

No girl wants to be the second choice of a guy, and at the same time, if a girl is the only option of a guy, the girl can sense it from mile away and most likely not date him.

Imagine a situation were you (guy) asked out a girl, went on a date, but she pulled out the lets stay as friends card. Then you still have strong feelings for the girl, and realize that the only way to get her out of your heart is to get someone else to fill her place.

If hitting the clubs and making moves on new girls just to get over someone else is the situation you are in, is it the new girl the same thing as the second choice of a man?


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  • yes. a rebound is just someone you use

    • Then again, if the girl that the guy really liked turned him down by rejecting him, there the only thing to hold on to is hope, which in most cases is empty hope. There are chances that staying in the friendzone the girl will have a change of heart but what I know about girls is that if they say no, and want to stay as friends, they mean it.

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