Online date...God, sex & dirty talk...?

I decided to try online dating and after 'flirting' with someone I found attractive we went out. We had only started communication a week ago. We emailed, sent pictures and talked on the phone. He is a total christian which is good because so am I. Some of our phone calls got a little graphic and I was excited to meet him. on our first date he brought me gifts kept telling me how beautiful I am and that I am a gift from God. I know he hasn't had sex in 2 years due to his new found faith, which told me that at least he wasn't just out for a quick hook up. But then, when he finally went in for the kiss.HOLY CRAP! He was devouring me! We kind of got into it and then started the dirty talk and a lot of touchy feely stuff. (I don't mind either of those things) but some of that talk was VERY graphic. I was thinking that 's not very christian like. Things got pretty heavy and we would have had sex if I didn't say no. Then he went on about how fu@#ing hot I am and wanted to please me and all that. I told him I've only known him for a week and that this was our first date and that it wasn't going to happen. Tonight we're supposed to go place with people around, but he's not what I expected him to be. I think HE LOVES ME! I swear, I think that! He keeps telling how special I am and that God brought us together and I am an answer to his prayers. How can I ease out of this going any further without totally crushing him? He says everything a woman would want to hear, but when he called and left 6 messages the night before I felt his neediness and that turned me off. I think he will be crushed to hear that I'm not as interested in him as I was hoping. Help me out on this please. What and how do I tell him I'm not sure this is right?
Online date...God, sex & dirty talk...?
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