Older boyfriend hangs out with much younger guys?

I have been talking to my boyfriend for over a year now. We met online but also in person last June. We have become very close & although in a distance relationship we manage to talk daily.

He has stayed at my house each time he comes to visit me but I have yet to meet his friendsor family. I have informed him that of how that makes me feel, kinda like a secret lover. He recently explained that although all his friends don't know about me some of them do. I decided to give that a rest. I have a little girl who already knows him & likes him too. He tell me that he loves me & I believe him but I have another serious concern.

According to what my boyfriend tells me he has never had a girlfriend before , I am his first. We have been very intimate but have not had sex. I don't want to have sex until we are married and he has told me that he respects that & agrees that we should wait.

I am not as concerned about that as I am about him hanging out with guys who are at least 10 years younger than he is and doing things that are uncommon for guys his age(38). I don't mind him having hobbys or playing sports or even being silly with his guy friends, I want him to be happy and enjoy life because I do love him very much.

Still there are some strange things, for 1. Although I met him on a Christian website he later revelaed to me that he liked to smoke marjauan that it gave him clarity & he argued it did not cause any adverse affects . I personally think his years of use had cause a delay in his responses and reactions. I told him what I thought in a loving way but I am concerned that he may still be using with they young crowd he hangs with.

My boyfriend is in school full time following a layoff .He studies very hard & is doing well in school, he brought his record for me to see his grades so I know he is telling the truth about studying. He also plays video games online withhis friends for hours. When he goes home for the weekend he visits another guy friend, who is married and had kids of his own that he plays games with online until around 2 in the morning at his house. I often don't hear from him until the next afternoon. Then its the same thing on Sat night. He will call me for a brief while before leaving to "play video games" I have never actually doubted that is what he was doing until tonight.

His friend from home plays in an acid rock band so he went to hear him tonight. He text to tell me that he wished he had brought his ear plugs. He later called me to tell me about it , he said that at 38 he was the oldest person there because most of the people were in their early to mid twenties but he still enjoyed it, mosh pit and all.

I didn't get to be 40 y/o by thinking that everyone has to share the same likes but that sounds so strange to me. I just don't understand what he could have enjoyed about that at his age?

Really wish I knew hat is going on?
Older boyfriend hangs out with much younger guys?
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