How to be less shallow?

I just got pointed out the other day that I am really shallow and always have been, its the reason I can attract guys but can't keep them. I know it sounds horrible in a question, but I honestly never realized, but do people always know their flaws? I've always watched TV where there are shallow teenagers and I always think they are idiots and here I am 25 and a shallow hypocrite. at least teens have a reason to be shallow, they are young and don\t know any better. however, at my age most people have families and don't care much about things like looks or what someone is wearing

i make fun of other girls who have ugly faces and yet I tell people all the time that we need to stop bullying in high schools because a girl just killed herself from being bullying. although the girl I just made fun of is my age, so she wouldn't kill herself. she's an adult and old enough to not let words hurt her, but still.

so today when I saw her, she lives in my building I talked to her in the elevator. she looked really shocked that I would talk to her. I told her she can hang out with me sometime and she told me not to do her any favors and looked angry. but I guess I've been making fun of her for the last year because of her face. now I feel bad. it's not something I've ever thought about.

but I've never been in a long term relationship. I've had plenty of boyfriends, but nothing for a long time and I remember a lot of them saying it's because I am shallow and high maintenance.

it was my favorite aunt in the whole world who pointed this out to me because I have no friends anymore. I am lonely and that ugly girl would have been doing me a favor, not the other way around.

any advice?
How to be less shallow?
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