Why is that men get painted as these shallow, nasty creatures, when women far more often behave like this?

I think it's ridiculous how spoiled, entitled and horrible most of today's young women are in Western countries. This seems to be mainly a white woman thing, most of them are now spoiled, narcissistic and immoral beyond belief. Not to mention fake, and hugely egotistical. Why should creatures that mainly never go out anywhere without at least an inch thick makeup on be so egotistical and arrogant about their appearance ? These women's appearance is entirely fake, how embarrassing for these deluded creatures who think they're God's gift to men.

And why the entitled, snobby attitude from these women ? Why do they think that merely by being part of 51% of the human race this somehow makes them "special" ? Why do these women think they're the centre of the Universe and not give a damn about anyone but themselves ? These women are so self centred so it's inevitable their morals are terrible because as far as they're concerned nobody else on the planet matters.

In summary, why are most young Western women such damned vain, superficial, shallow, narcissistic and just all round damned awful human beings ?

The idea of women being "sugar and spice and all things nice" is so out of date as to be ridiculous - that's if it ever was true. And why do we get raised in this society to believe that women are these kind, warm, deep creatures and that men are these shallow, nasty creatures - the opposite is the case, men are FAR deeper, more genuine and less self absorbed individuals. The proof is there in that men are NOTHING like as vain or shallow as women. How many men do you know who wear makeup or fake tan, compared to women that do so ? The answer is that the majority of women do these things, and only a tiny percentage of men do.

How many women talk down men all the time and take twisted enjoyment out of destroying any guy who isn't about 6 feet 3, bulging with muscles and model handsome ? Loads of young women do this (because they are so fake and shallow as discussed above), whereas by comparison very few men will do similar with young women. This is because young men get raised to be chivalrous, whereas women get spoiled rotten, raised to believe they're the centre of the universe and they can treat men like trash.

So why is it men get such a bum rap in our society, when it's women who far more often display horrible, sociopathic behavior s in everyday life - at least when it comes to the "dating" scene anyway (before you lot start saying men commit most crimes etc.) ? And yes, I'm aware that not ALL young western women are as bad as this, the more "homely" chicks shall we say tend not to be this way, but the self styled "hot" (i.e. covered in makeup and fake tan) chicks are almost always this way inclined.
Why is that men get painted as these shallow, nasty creatures, when women far more often behave like this?
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