Why do only ugly guys like me?

Not trying to be shallow or picky here, but when I say ugly, I mean they are ugly. Now that I think about it, they all have one thing in common, and that is they have very huge noses (my nose is tiny) among other features that make them very unattractive (i.e. clumsiness and lack of confidence). Maybe I sound too harsh here because I am very frustrated by this, and I get to reveal my true evil side on the internet, but people always tell me how nice and sweet I am, and I do act very kind to other people. I think they is why these guys end up liking me, but why is it them and not the decent-looking guys? Just decent. I don't like guys that are VERY attractive. Is it saying that I am not attractive at all so only ugly guys are attracted to me because then they'll have no competition? People tell me I am cute, and I don't like hearing that because I guess that means I am not pretty, but it doesn't mean I am ugly either does it?

I don't know what is worse. Having no guys like you, or having only ugly guys liking you? If it is the latter, am I doomed?
Why do only ugly guys like me?
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