How do I see my boyfriend without my parents knowing?

There's been to many problems between my boyfriend and parents. They caused us to break up once when I tried to sneak out and see and been literally taking every communication I have to get a hold of him as possible away from me, they took me away for five days so I couldn't tell him what happend. every time they find out I'm talking to him or they find out we still seeing each other they yell at me saying I'm disrespectful to them. They explain why he's not good for me . And they won't just let me see him I always have to lie! I'm tired of my parents getting in the way ! My boyfriend hates them . And I love both of them but I just want to get closer to my boyfriend without dramas so can someone give advice for ways I can see him with out them knowing? Be in mind that me and my boyfriend live far away like an hour and a half away from each other and I still go to school and he works and we only have the w.e to see eachother.


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  • Going behind their back is probably the worst thing you can do. It will just make things worse if they find out and chances are they will if you guys live that far away from each other. I suggest you sit down with them and talk to them. Tell them how you feel about him and that you just want them to give him a chance. Have him come and meet them and sit down with them and talk. If that doesn't work (I'm going to assume you lied about your age) then I suggest waiting til you're 18 and then move to be with him. If you truly care about him and love him like you say then waiting isn't going to be that hard and will be worth it to be together. But remember, you only have one real family.

    • I'm 18 turning 19 I was suppost to finish school last year because I stayed back. I have told my parents many times that I have been seeing him I don't care what they think and I should now be old enough to go out and date who ever I want! But because I'm trying to pass my VCe and I don't have enough money to get my own place they still think they have control over me and can tell me what to do ! I'm tired of feeling like they will never approve of my boyfriend he gets depressed. Over it

    • They really do have a right though, as long as you're dependent on them for a place to live and for food then they have a say. You need to figure out a way to get out and support yourself after you're done with school. Until then just lay low with the relationship, don't make things any more stressful than they already are for you all.