He’s giving mixed signals?

I’ve been dating this guy it’s the first guy I’ve dated in 8 months since a heartbreaking breakup. I admit I’m still kinda hung up on my ex but I like spending time with this guy and being held and kissed by this guy but when it comes to conversation it’s not really there but I still like him we have a lot in common and when I’m not with him I miss him a lot
He says things like I’m his dream girl and everything he wants in a parent and he wants me to meet his kids and be his girlfriend but I’ve been hesitant because I feel like he’s giving me mixed signals
He’ll say things hinting that he wants me to come over and when I ask him if he wants me to because I would like to he’ll say things like yeah but gas and I have something to do in 6 hrs and we haven’t gotten enough sleep
And honestly sounds like lame ass excuses to me because I’m not worried about gas 🙄 $20 fills my tank, I have no problem leaving before he has to go do things and if we both need extra sleep why can’t we sleep together...
I’m starting to feel like he’s not ass interested as he says because he does that a lot and that on top of all his baggage I don’t get why he does this
9 mo
I’m not sure I wanna be serious or not with him and the mix signals aren’t helping I do like him though
He’s giving mixed signals?
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