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🐸Are you ready for the tea 👀👄?

So I’m a black girl as you can see 😅 I’ve worked one month at the garden with 5 guys , and there’s one blond guy who caught my attention...

And we changed fb , we started talking and stuffs like that and sometimes he gives me hints like “ you’re pretty and it’s good to have a conversation with you “ 🥺 and every time I change my hair he always wants to see how it stayed on me ( I only sended a picture of me and he gave me another compliment )

we had about 4 dates 😅 on his car and we do talk a lot specially about what he listens reggae and other artists ❤️💛💚 and on the 4 date he gave me a souvenir it was a necklace from punta Cana and a bracelet with reggae colors.

He always like to touch me especially if I do have some of his headband on my wrist 😂 and once he said “ look at my eyes and ask me , can I have your headband “ 🥺 he definitely looked at my lips I caught him more than once and he putted my arms on his shoulders and even his voice changed , we ended up kissing 🥰 more than once 🥺 and it was way to goood 😫 but I don’t know if he wants something serious with me since he’s very calm and doesn’t talk a lot.

By the way he’s 26 a Taurus guy and I’m a Leo 22
🐸Are you ready for the tea 👀👄?
🐸Are you ready for the tea 👀👄?
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