Why would a 32 year old woman continuously like my facebook posts but then block me from seeing her timeline?

I am 33 years old. I am single, multi racial, and non religious.

There is a girl on facebook who is pretty, 32 years old, and a religious catholic who wants to wait to have sex until marriage.

I have a crush on her.

The thing is that we know each other. About 10 years ago we had mutual friends and would be at the same parties and such. We would talk for a little bit but we weren't "close". I went to a different college but we saw each other at parties due to the same network of friends. Does that make sense. So she isn't a complete stranger. We've met and know each other.

On facebook, I am a rather controversial person. I have a tendency to post random thoughts. These random thoughts are philosophical and political. The girl in question has pressed the like button on 20 to 50 of my posts over the last 2 weeks. some of the post have been political statements.

I am also in a rock band. From time to time I post clips of the band practicing or videos of songs I've written on instagram. She likes video clips of me just singing and playing my guitar. Love songs and such. She once commented that I should record one of the songs I've written.

Lastly, I take pictures of the city. She has started liking pictures of those posts as well.

I used to be able to search her on facebook and see the pictures on her profile. As of yesterday I cannot. She continues to like my posts though. Also, she sometimes comments on philosophical posts I make. When I reply she never responds.

What's going on here? Why doesn't she reply to my responses when she makes them? Why is she restrict what I can see on her profile?

I want to ask her out on a date but not if she thinks I am a creepy guy.
She has chose to restrict her timeline for everyone not just you. For privacy reasons.
She is a complete and total nutcase
She has a crush on you and is limiting what is seen on her profile so you dont think she is weird
She likes your posts but think that you are creepy. She can tell that you have been stalking her on facebook somehow
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I want to make one thing clear. She did NOT have a restricted profile before. This is a recent development. I used to be able to look through her pictures. As of yesterday I can't, however, she also liked some of my posts yesterday.
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Just so you know. As of a moment ago, I can see her entire profile again. Her timeline and pictures. It still begs the question why she keeps liking my posts but not replying to me when I respond to her with a comment.
Why would a 32 year old woman continuously like my facebook posts but then block me from seeing her timeline?
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