What makes a guy want hook-ups vs. marriage?

So, I try to be the best girlfriend I can be to my boyfriends at the time. I care for them emotionally and physically; trying to be an uplifting partner. There is this one guy who is 22 who works at a retail store and doesn’t make much, he’s not in school, doesn’t have his driver’s permit yet, and still lives with his mom. All he’s wanting is a hookup and not a serious relationship. Is there something about me that’s keeping him from pursuing me on a deeper level? Or could his lack of motivation be the issue? Maybe this is totally off but I’m not sure how a guy’s mind works. In a nutshell, I try to be a great partner, but he’s only wanting a hookup from me. Is this a personal issue? Or maybe he’s not pleased with the way he’s living his life? Help?
What makes a guy want hook-ups vs. marriage?
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