Can your girlfriend ghost you out of the blue?

It's been 5 days now my girlfriend hasn't spoken to me. We didn't get to meet up last Thursday cuz she was really busy and had to work and she said she was really sorry. I was okay with it and said 'maybe next time.' Texted her the next morning but she never answered and hasn't spoken to me since. I gave her some space on Saturday by not texting her anymore thinking maybe she was just burned out by her job because I know it's really stressing her out these days and she said she even cried one night. Sunday I asked if I could call her, she only read my text but didn't respond. Then I asked if she was mad at me or was losing interest and just wanted me to go away and I asked her if it was about her job. She read that too but still didn't answer.

We've been together about a year and what she's doing now is extremely unusual. She always is good at communicating and letting me know why she was caught up. At times I would worry if I was bothering her too much or being clingy and she said she never felt like I was being clingy and if I ever bothered her too much she would be honest and tell me. So I really have no idea what is going on now. Is it that something is going on with her and she really just needs space and time to clear her head? Is she going through that thing girls go through about not knowing what they want anymore?

I watched the videos on why your girlfriend isn't responding to you and they all say she's not ghosting you, it's nothing you've done just that they have things going on inside and they'll get back to you. This has happened to me with other girls in the past who did end up ghosting me for good and I worry now. Thoughts?
Can your girlfriend ghost you out of the blue?
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