Are men easier to date than women?

I am bi and I started dating men recently because I have a terrible history with women unless I buy a prostitute.

Particularly young effeminate men.

And I try to be nice and accomodating but one of them was just a taker. He just wanted me to buy stuff for him all the time for no reason.
I really did not want to sleep with him so I didn't.

The other was a tease who wanted a never ending flirtation and courtship to drag on for months. And it's sexy at first but after months it's just fucking annoying.

The other was really nice and easy but a little superficial and light hearted. And I don't want to fuck up and waste time.

So there is a seduction thing that I am missing?
I am after a fairly quick cosumation with sex.

It shouldn't be hard because i am good looking and a lot of people come on to me. But people get turned off or distracted, or want me to buy them too much stuff.

I have this with men and women
Are men easier to date than women?
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