Why do some men roll their eyes at women and act like they saw dog shit when they see you?

alright, i'm getting pissed off. i am trying to find a boyfriend, so i make eye contact with guys i think are cute, but some of them roll their eyes and turn away like they saw a maggot or dog shit or something. seriously gets on my nerves. like i get it. you find me repulsive or ugly or whatever. just look away or go somewhere else, no need for the extra eye roll and head shaking. pardon me handsome prince for daring to make eye contact with you, or for breathing the same air molecules as you. honestly, what's up with these rude assholes? when i reject a man, i don't act like this. i usually talk to him for a bit and then politely excuse myself and say my date is waiting for me or something like that. i don't start shaking my head, muttering under my breath, and rolling my eyes. da hell?

i don't think i am an ugly ogre or anything. other guys check me out, and the hot ones don't usually give me this much attitude. i find that it's usually the average looking guys who roll their eyes at me. why? you think you're too beautiful for me that you can treat me like shit. excuse me dear but unless you have a six pack, are above 6 feet tall, have a chiseled jaw, are handsomer than Zac Efron or Zayne Malik, have at least 500 thousand in the bank, and have biceps the size of watermelons, i really think you should lower your standards. mind you, these are strangers. i've never met these men before. i just see a guy i like and make eye contact, hoping that he isn't married with 12 kids, a mansion and a dog. but most men are nowadays, and the ones that aren't roll their eyes and act like i am dog shit or something. fuck my life.

who said dating was easy for women? men nowadays are afraid to even look at a woman, unless they meet at the club and are half drunk. attractive women, what have your experiences been like, and where do you meet men? do you get cold approached often? i am just trying to figure out if i am ugly af or what. men, you can help me out here too.
Why do some men roll their eyes at women and act like they saw dog shit when they see you?
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