Men don't like big women?

There's no winning. men don't like large women. time to lose weight. just to be treated like a fucking human. after reading quora, reddit, social forums on men wanting big women. they only want to hookup with us. I have a BMI of 43 I'm obese. I'm 5ft1 and weigh 225. so I have no chance at love. but everyone else does.:) do men actually like us? or you just trying to get laid? doesn't surprise me. that's all men want anyways. put my photos on a social forum page and all I got told to lose weight one guy said I was kinda cute. the ladies were okay except one. I got told I looked like Hagrid. I asked if men liked bigger women. they said if they have no better options they will but given opportunity to be with a slim chick they will be with them. Then I looked at the other chick's that posted their photos that were attractive. No negative comments. I'm never approached so it's apparent why I'm not. it isn't a confidence issue. it's just men don't like larger women. I got told since I got big boobs thats all I have going for me. And that men like cars like lambos and I'm a beat up Honda. and no man will date me unless he wants to smash me and hit it and quit it and that big girls are easy. then looking up on reddit too, men don't like larger women so I don't know where y'all are getting "a lot of men like large women" I haven't seen it. on dating apps men think I'm easy too, I'm tired of this. The guy that bullied me for a long time on there found me again and told me to "put down the fork fatso". I thought men liked women who looked like me. I 5ft1 and weigh 225lbs but yeah maybe not. I give up. it honestly makes sense why men don't ever date me or are ever interested other than sex. I know I'm ugly. whenever I post my photo on a social forum I'm ripped to shreds. I'm screwed. I'll never find anyone who is gonna wanna be with me. unless he's desperate or has a fetish or just wants me
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Do men actually like big women for a preference? My God there's 7 billion people in the world. Don't you think some like big women or a majority do?
Men don't like big women?
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