Ghosted before first date?

i met this guy on tinder, he gave off such a sweet, innocent guy vibe... he messaged me first, told me i was gorgeous, genuinely got to know me... then he said he wanted to take me to a nice restaurant, he could either pick me up or we could meet up- up to me. he said he was “so excited,” and everything.

we continue to get to know each other, he asks me questions about where i grew up, we had similarities, blah blah blah... then when i agree to a date, NO REPLY. i wait 4 days. NADA STILL. so then i tell him what my schedule looks like and that he can see what correlates with my days so we can plan a day to see each other... and boom. he unmatched me. he was so excited to see me, genuinely seem interested me (which is rare) and then does this? why? he also still follows my insta.
Ghosted before first date?
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