Figuring out her intentions? I need advice! All Women input appreciated!

Hey all, thank you for your time and responses.

Here is a basic summary of my situation: I have been on and off again with my ex for about a year and a half. Both times we split, was because she wanted to see other people. Now, when we were together, we always loved each other but I guess she wanted to see what else was out there and not get tied down (being an attractive young woman, I understand). It still hurts though, I've had my heart broken with her so many times and I've tried to disconnect with her, as advised by friends and close loved ones.

Here's the problem...whether she is in another relationship with someone else or not, she still messages me yo see how I'm doing. I find it hard to be neutral with her because I loved her so much. So being friends seems impossible. But why does she insist on texting me after clearly breaking my heart in the past? Is she keeping me as an option just in case we could work in the future? Using me to keep her entertained? I've though about asking her intentions/feelings but 'm scared that the answers she gives me may not be the ones I want to hear. Truth be told, I may very well still love her. Always have always will, I'd always support her no matter what. But I need her to respect me and I honestly don't know what to make of anything these days.

Like I said, I HAVE tried to disconnect and move on, but whenever I seem to make some progress, she talks to me and we start to catch up a little. We are both planning to move to NY (we're in our early 20's) so maybe she see's potential for us? I can't be sure of anything to be honest. Woman are so damn complex. Pleas help. Thanks.


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  • it goes. I was in love with this guy and we only dated 6 months. We had a great relationship and everything. But now we argue every time we talk and its like he wants to make me mad. But I just realized that it is dumb to keep talking to this kid because he would talk to me all fine one day and then the next he would be a complete d***. If you really have had enough with her tearing you to pieces and you just want to move on then your gonna have to do it the hard way, delete off Facebook and block her number... that's the only thing you can do to keep he away and then you can move on and find someone who won't do that to you. And YES I know it hurts. But do you really want to be with someone who is gonna do that to you? Your love for her will go away, you need time without her and time with someone else or alone to realize it. Sorry. But its the truth and I've had personal expirience...i know what I'm talking about.

  • The way you hurting now isn't worth it, you need to ask her what she is doing, her intentions, and until she can give you a proper decent answer you aren't going to know what to do, whether to move on with your life or wait for another chance with her. It's not fair of her to keep you on a string and you need to tell her that.

    Her answer may not be what you want to hear but its better than constantly thinking "What if she still has feelings for me? What if she's just using me? What if she just wants to hurt me?"

    You need to explain your situation to her, she should understand and give you time to get over her, that is if she wants you to get over her...


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