Is this guy innocent or lustful?

My Spanish barista has a crush on me and I also used to find him cute. He wears a mask and looks really cute but I ve seen him a few times without the mask (from a distance and didn't really find him cute, except for once when I saw him leaving on the bike, and he looked good, I think it has to do with his beard, looks better clean shaved than with a beard and he's a bit short in height , I'm 5.1 and he's 5.4/5.5 at max) . Initially he used to notice me but did nothing more than that, then it progressed on to staring, then heavy staring and finally started making small talk with me which is how we started talking. He would come next to empty cash registers to chat and I had no option but to say hello and talk as it would be rude if I didn't.

Then he proceeded to be extra kind to me like giving me stuff for free. He would not charge me for a drink and he knows what I always order by heart. He saved my order from getting cancelled (as I wasn't able to get to the pick up counter) and he took the latte himself and kept it with him and gave it to me when I came to him to make the payment.

I was getting overwhelmed with so much generosity so I bought a thank you card and wrote to him how I really appreciate his kindness and sweetness and if he's interested, he can hang out after work. I didn't give my phone number as I wasn't sure if he was simply flirting for fun or wants something.
2 days ago, when I met him again, he took my order and told me that next time when I come, I can write my number and give it to me. I said OK sure and laughed. While I waited for my drink, he came again and told me you can give me your telephone number to which I again responded with sure and laughed.

I had not written it but now I have it with me on a paper. He hasn't come in work since the last 2 days as maybe he doesn't have shifts on those days.

Do you think this is OK? Or is he just young and desperate to go out with me?
Is this guy innocent or lustful?
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