How do I ask a guy I’ve been talking to online for 7 years to meet in person?

Okay it feels pretty stupid for a woman my age to talk about this online… I should know dating by now but I don’t.. okay? 😂

my history of dating is pretty much been single for majority of it. My longest relationship was 4 months and even then I only saw him twice, he was local and just excuses of being at work. Didn’t have trouble finding time for his boyfriend 2 weeks after we split up.

I haven’t been with anyone for 2 years… I guess I’ve just been feeling let down by love one too many times and I’ve just lost faith. I still have love in my heart… just no one I've found worth giving it to.

but there is one guy on my Facebook, we have been friends for a good 7 years but we’ve never met in real life. And he’s local too. We aren’t always constantly messaging each other, but he’ll just pop up sending videos of his dog doing something funny or a new trick he taught him. Sends me cat videos. Tagging me in posts and having convos inbetween. We both have a similar sense of humour, both love gaming, animals, share similar opinions on important topics.

He hasn’t been in a relationship since 2015 and he’s not one of those guys who has a lot of girls liking/commenting on his posts (if at all! except his mum and sister xD)
which I don’t understand because he is a good looking bloke!!! It’s an enigma and I’m finding it enticing that there is no competition for a handsome, down to earth considerate man.

WTF ARE YOU WAITING FOR !! ~ your probs wondering

I feel like being straight up saying “don’t you think we should meet for a change and see if we actually connect in person?” just feels way too delicate and aggressive. I don’t want to destroy what we’ve got going… as stupid as it sounds 😂 how can I suggest meeting up to him?
How do I ask a guy I’ve been talking to online for 7 years to meet in person?
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