Are you attracted to quiet men that make no effort to impress or compete for women, ladies?

My female friend claims women never see these sorts of men as confident or attractive.

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I'm one of those guys that won't ask women out and only will consider extremely attractive women, otherwise I don't waste my time on dating or relationships.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I like quiet guys, but no effort at all quickly gets frustrating, and I move on. Also, if he's the kind of guy you are, who only considers looks as criteria for dating, any attraction I might have had disappears. That kind of attitude is highly unattractive.

    • Well I want a woman that is smart, ideally with similar interests, really good looking, not sexually compromised and has good morals.

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What Girls Said 6

  • Do you ever get bored of asking the same question multiple times a day?

    • I think the fact that it continues to be posted multiple times a day pretty much answers that question.

  • Quiet + little effort to impress = good

    Stuck up + no effort whatsoever = bad

  • Sometimes it will. If it's not because the guy thinks he's all high and mighty and just don't make the first move or make an effort (unless he's gay or somethingg, then it's useless) then - au contraire.

    It WILL possibly draw my attention. But after that it no use if he's a jerk or somethingg. It's just makes me curious and such at the beginning.

  • If he was naturally quiet but really tried come out a bit, then that would be attractive. But if he was arrogant and made no effort whatsoever then no that's a dealbreaker

    • I mean the kind of man that literally never approaches women and just generally doesn't make the first move

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    • Could you take a guess, please?

  • yup, I am attracted. but initially, I can be pretty quiet too, so I guess we'd get nowhere lol.

    • @update: wow. I find quiet men attractive. I do NOT find extremely superficial men attractive. good luck.

  • not even a little bit


What Guys Said 2

  • this is a stupid question

  • You're into PUA right? (sounds like it by how much you talk about "value")

    Fact is women like a guy who can make the first move. It shows confidence (one of the most attractive qualities a guy can have, all "high value" guys are confident). Also a lot of the time even if the girl is really attracted to you she will not make the first move.

    I am a quiet, socially awkward guy myself (something I'm working on improving) but I also do make an effort. I always make the first move when I like a girl, even though it scares the sh*t out of me. You can use this excuse that not making any effort or making the first move makes you a "high value" man, but it's bullsh*t, all it really means is that you're a pussy. It might sound harsh, but it's true. You're scared.

    It's true that a "high value" man doesn't put too much effort into overly impressing girls, or kissing their arses, but if you want one you need to chase a little. My advice if you really want to have success and get a nice girl is just to put a little effort into it. Approach girls you like, get to know them, see whether you like them or not, and make the first moves when you decide you do.

    Or you can keep coming on here and posting this question, hoping that girls will tell you what you're doing is fine, and that they love it. And not get laid. Ever.

    Stop being a pussy.

    • Nope, I think PUA is beneath me. Good concept, but only low value men need to pursue women and try to act like hot sh*t.

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    • Imo, women should be willing to approach first as well. "we want equality! everywhere except where we get benefits like not having to be the first to say hi or I love you or anything serious in the social world ya!" -_-

    • @TheGodEmpororLeto - yeah but they're not. Not many people are willing to approach at all. Look at all the questions on here "does he/she like me?" "should I ask him/her out?" "I don't know what to do" "how do I tell him/her I like him/her?". Everybody is so afraid of rejection. It's silly. It's not just women who expect guys to do the approaching, there are plenty of guys like you and the OP who think it should be the other way around. It's not gonna happen though. Grow some balls.

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