Ladies do you think my friend is right about how he gets so many girls?

He sent this message as a reply to my question of how he gets so many girls:

"First of all, your thinking is all wrong. There is nothing sexual going on when I flirt with these girls at a party or in a bar. I grew up with three sisters and no brothers, so talking to women has always been easy for me. I'll choose to ignore your comment about how I have man-whorish tendencies, we'll talk more about that part later. I joke and flirt with my female friends because it makes them feel happy and more comfortable. I don't like being around negativity or unhappy people. Sure some of the girls take my flirting the wrong way but it's not like I'm trying to have sex with them.

The women I date don't like me because of my face, hair, eyes or the fact that I work out a lot. I would never date a girl that shallow that wants to hop right into bed, and it's easy to read that in people right away. Women like me because I understand them and because I am positive. Most women aren't really that complicated, they just want to be treated with respect and to be paid attention and genuinely listened to. At the same time they don't want a push-over.

Your problem is that you are too distrusting and negative. The fact that you walk around with a blank or serious expression on your face and stay quiet most of the time won't really attract many women. Some might be attracted to the mystery but they still want you to approach them. If you're wrapped up in your own little world and hiding your feelings all the time, then love will pass you by. You will grow old and probably die alone. Look man, I know you're a good guy and that you work with those kids and stuff. But they don't know that. You really need to change, or at least start being more proactive about dating if you ever want a girlfriend."
Ladies do you think my friend is right about how he gets so many girls?
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