Is this skinny shaming also does this lady sound like my friend?

To start off I am skinny/underweight but I also have a small body frame so I don't think I look that skinny.

In America, I feel like with everyone normally weighing more, I probably look like a skeleton to them. But I find it really annoying it's not easy for me to gain weight and also what's wrong with being skinny?

I have this friend and the topic of my weight sometimes comes up. She brings it up, I don't. It pisses me off and makes me uncomfortable. But I haven't voiced that to her because it's hard for me to be assertive.

She was telling me that she tries to eat healthy all the time. She looks normal weight to me. I told her I should do that more too that I eat unhealthy all the time.

And she said that's surprising because I am really skinny. I told her I have a fast metabolism. She said I'm lucky to have that. I told it's not that amazing to lose weight so easily I'd rather gain weight easily.

She said all I have to do to gain weight is eat more and I told her I do eat a lot. And she just looked at me with this smile like yeah right you eat a lot.

That pissed me off like what's your problem? It annoyed me and hurt my feelings. I actually don't like talking about my weight I have a lot of trauma tied to it because in school I was bullied about my weight from kids asking if am anorexic and making fun of me.

I haven't talked about my weight with someone since high school normally adults are mature enough to not talk about it. She's the first one in years to point out the obvious and I feel like I'm in high school all over again and I have to defend myself. It pisses me off.

Other than that we have talked about other stuff and had normal conversation. She has always been nice to me and given me nice gifts for no reason and she bought me these nice gloves for Christmas.

I always thought she was a kind lady but she has been bringing up my weight kind of often and I'm wondering if she's really my friend. I don't understand why she brings up my weight.

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Another thing she said about my weight. I was telling her about how I used to work at Amazon but I quit because I was losing a lot of weight and I didn't want to lose anymore. And she said to me, "That's good because if you lose anymore you would just disappear." And I thought that was a weird thing to say. Like that doesn't make me feel good by her saying that.
Is this skinny shaming also does this lady sound like my friend?
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